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Upper Zambezi Flishing  – Guest Feedback

10th – 15th October 2014

My father-in-law Leon Ferreira and I had a fantastic time landing 25 fish between 3 & 15 lb ( 1 x tiger on jig of around 5 lb, 1 x pink happy of around 4 lb on a Halco Lure – trolling, 1 x Humpback of around 7.0 lb ( 560mm in length) on drift bait, 1 x catfish on drift Bait & 2 x tiger trolling Halco lures once again, one of which was my largest as per pic attached, the rest on drift bait. I was very fortunate to land a 10 lb / 11 lb & 14 lb tiger, this was way more than I had expected. What a trip, I believe we could not have been more satisfied with the fishing.

We seemed to lose a lot of fish and estimate the number to be around 30 fish. Three of which I couldn’t turn on 3o lb braid and 44lb Malin wire trace( #5 ) – these three fish seemed to bite me off on their first run in just a few seconds, leaving me with the remains of the steel trace but no hooks… absolute chaos on the boat!

Just thought I might mention that I had some serious hit on both the rapala and the Halco brands of lures, the Rapala ( wooden ) lures seemed to not hold out as well as the Halco brand. Just I thought for future trips!

Hoping to be back again next year.


Royden Gaylard